stands on the foundations Karel Rotation takes everything good from this project, while bringing new complications and technical solutions. The Adam Rotation lacks a bridge, the whole back side is much cleaner thanks to this and the whole watch has been reduced by 8mm to just under 14mm.

Despite this, the watch has an automatic winding thanks to a peripheral rotor that works with the cycloid gear. This is the first time such a reducer has been used in a watch and it is a registered solution. The cycloidal gearbox, in this case with two cycloidal wheels, can reduce the movement of the rotor with its own simplicity and looks good at the same time.

The hand control remains identical to that of the Karel Rotation. That is, by means of a key which has its lock in the housing between numbers one and two. The watch is set in leaps and bounds. Turning the key in the first position to the right sets the minutes forward, in the second position backward. Moving the key to the left then sets the hours. The rotating part of the watch carries two movements linked by a differential so they are independent of each other, the whole base rotates once in eight hours.

The Adam Rotation is an example of the company's creativity, setting a new bar not only for itself but also for the watchmaking world. This variant is a tribute to independence and will only be produced in five numbered examples. The individual watches will be able to be customised in terms of the colour of the movement and the colour of the gold case.

Three pieces will be produced in 2024 at a price of €219,000

render used for visualisation


Movement caliber:                                       ADR V1.0

Movement:                                                     automatic

Movement frequency:                                 21.600

Case size without crown:                            44 mm

Crystal size:                                                  37 mm

Case height:                                                 13,5 mm

Front crystal material:                                sapphire

Total number of components:                   180

Differential:                                                  1

Number of jewels:                                       52

Number of barrels:                                      1

Power reserve:                                            45 hours

Case type:                                                   Phoenix 

Platinum 950/1000:                                  140 g 

Case material:                                             Gold 750/1000