A watch is time, time is life. While human life is finite, a well-crafted watch is eternal. It is attached to our everyday stories. They guide us on a set path and measure all our time divided into hours, minutes and seconds. Custom-made watches tell the story of the past, present and future. Every LS watch has a piece of you in it. 

We look into your soul as we make them together. This is the only way to create a perfect piece that is as unique as you are. Such a watch is not just a reflection of its creator and his thoughts. It is a legacy that is passed on from generation to generation. They are a reminder of what kind of person their original owner was and why they entered human history.  

The uniqueness of LS watches is confirmed by the fact that every piece produced is recorded in the Production Almanac. In this handwritten book, their life and destiny are recorded. Next to the photograph of each piece, the name of the owner and a few technical details are given. The Almanac is not intended for the present but for future generations of LS watch owners. It will serve them as a proof of the origin and originality of each individual piece. At present, the Production Almanac comprises 45 pieces created over a period of 15 years.