The highest line of Rotation watches made in the LS atelier. The movement is unique because of its rotating base, on which two separate movements are placed, which are in direct dependence and have to work in parallel. This rotating base turns once every eight hours. The machine has two springs which are wound by an automatic mechanism which is on the back fixed bridge of the watch and supplies the machine with power for 40 hours. The platinum rotor is mounted on a sapphire ring so that it is not visible when viewed from the front. The movement of the Karel Rotation is placed with the fixed part at position twelve, where there is a lock for the key to adjust the hands. The watch is set in a stepwise manner. Turning the key in the first position to the right adjusts the minutes forward, and in the second position backward. Moving the key to the left then sets the hours. The entire watch system is patented.


Movement:                                 patented - own design 

Case material:                            gold 18 ct

Front crystal material:              sapphire

Side crystal material:                Philips glass

Case size:                                   45 mm 

Number of jewells:                     54

Number of ball bearings:           4 

Number of barrels:                     

Movements:                                  2

Power reserve:                            40 hours

Movement rotation time:           8 h

Movement frequency:               18.000